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Wow! We're super excited about this ram. He has more lower leg than any ram we've ever had. We used him on our first LAI for early January 2018 lambs. Then he had a kidney stone issue and we thought we going to lose him. Fortunately Tad Thompson caught it just in time during our second LAI and we got him to The Ohio State University for treatment. He lost some condition, but he's coming back and we're breeding ewe lambs to him for March babies. We're offering five bred ewes to this guy in our Share The Factory Online Bred Ewe Sale confirmed for early January 2018 lambs.

Bone Chiller
BONE CHILLER - Rife 16-189 RR NN

Frozen Semen - $75/unit

Champion Shropshire Ram
2017 Ohio State Fair

We love this guy! Bone Chiller is definitely a super stud. He was not shown as a lamb as he got sick and lost his bloom after weaning. He's out of our absolute best Bootlegger daughter. Late last year he started coming back and we decided to breed ewe lambs to him. We had a really nice set of late lambs by him in 2017. As a yearling, Bone Chiller was named Champion Shropshire Ram at "The Greatest Shropshire Show On Earth" - The 2017 Ohio State Fair in his only time shown. We used Bone Chiller heavy for fall lambs this year and have an impressive set of October babies on the ground now.

Ghost Pepper
GHOST PEPPER - Rife 16-237 RR NN

Frozen Semen - $50/unit

Reserve National Champion Shropshire Ram
2016 Big E

Champion Shropshire Ram
2016 Ohio State Fair

This dude is powered up. He's got rack, rib and plenty of thickness. Without a doubt he's one the best we've raised. His mother is an elite Transformer daughter. She is also the mother of Straight Jacket, a top Madness son. We used Ghost Pepper for our first LAI ~ early January 2017 lambs. What an exciting young stud! We've loved him since he was just a couple weeks old. We feel he might just be the next big piece in our breeding program.

MADNESS - Rife 13-011 RR NN

Frozen Semen - $100/unit

Massive ram with exceptional bone, Madness offers a dimension that we've been missing. Madness has a huge rack. He is very correct on his feet and legs. He has short ears and white wool on his head and legs.

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Loch Ness
LOCH NESS - Rife 14-193 RR NN

Frozen Semen - $75/unit

This stud ram traces to some of the best genetics in the breed. His mother goes back to Avery's Juice. We had the unique opportunity breed a couple of our show ewes to him several year ago. One of these girls was a beautiful ewe out of our top ewe family, 95-140 (Wood 140). There is loads of white wool and style in this his bloodlines. We used Loch Ness on our ewe lambs last year and have a powerful set of females by him.

pedigree  Video

BEARCLAW - Rife 15-194 RR NN

Frozen Semen - $100/unit

Our top son of Polar Bear, Bearclaw sired a really exciting set of late lambs for us in 2016 out of our ewe lambs. A top ram lamb sold to Owen Walker, OK. He was Champion Ram at Tulsa and Kansas State Fairs. Another son is Double Shot, our best headed ram and March class winner at the 2016 National Show at The Big E. The best daughter was Reserve Champion Ewe at The 2016 NAILE. We have a handful of fall lambs on the ground by Bearclaw this year plus another dozen ewes are bred for April lambs.